week 135

Our garden is slowly coming to life since we have the lovely people from Cityplot transforming our frontyard into an urban farm. Daryl has been helping them with the design and actual transformation of the garden. Work is still in progress, pictures here..

Arne Hendriks
Join him this week for the Starvation Experiment at Mediamatic and help him  and others to sublimate their hunger into XL snack mandalas, fluffy foods, salty zen gardens, non-food drawings, edible ceramics, wooden kitchenware and yes, even into lip balm.
Kees Kraakman

I bought a new roaster, a bigger one but from the same dutch quality brand ‘Giesen’. Last week it arrived and now, with two roasters I am even better equiped for trainings and supplying my wholesale customers. I also installed a lot of extra temperature probes for my ongoing research in coffee roasting techniques. And for all you tea lovers out there, I hired Ieme for helping me with the air ventilation pipes which will reduce the noise and smell inside the Coöp.  Step by step my coffee lab is getting into shape. Now I only want a density measure system, color meter, sample roaster, more tasting tables, artificial daylight troughout my roastery, sample storage kast, two new grinders and a new espresso machine. Slowly but sure I am working towards the best trainingslab in The Netherlands!



Last week I divided my time between design iterations for the News Console branding, product strategy for the NMM project and design iterations for a prototype of the Skinvision online platform.

On Friday I gave a quick presentation about the Open-Tv project at the Bits of Freedom offices with Vincent and Catalina.

The project is also on view in the 20th Century exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum, St. Luciënsteeg 27, Amsterdam.


Food:COOP:Noord is a cooperative where members order local sustainable groceries together to create a community with better food at fair prices. Through our software you can order vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, cheese and so on and pick it up on Wednesdays 16.30-18.30 at the Open Coop.

Everything is packed and organized by the members, incl. you, so the FoodCOOP is for everyone who likes to actively participate in getting better food.

You can become a member at https://order.foodcoop.nl/open-adam-noord/f/login/signup


During his visit to the Rijksmuseum, the 3D Print Canal House was presented to U.S. president Obama by Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, alongside Prime Minister Rutte and Rijksmuseum director Wim Pijbes. 
They also designed a special ‘kids’ version of the 3D Print Canal House that consist of no less than 219 unique Bricks. Eleven 3D Hubs communities joined forces to 3D print the entire miniature canal house, which stands over five feet tall! 

Partizan Public




Marije van Woerden One of her International Film Festival Rotterdam photos is used by the Groene Amsterdammer n an article. They made a one time (printed) edition called ‘De Groene Rotterdammer’ in cooperation with the Filmfestival.


dmau - journeyed through Amsterdam and made a photographic essay tracing what remains of the Aldo van Eyck playgrounds


Sujata has spent the last month on her artist’s residency at the Waag Society, awarded by ICT Art Connect (EU funded) to see what art can reveal about opaque technologies. Her project is about data in healthcare, seen from a rather different perspective than in her day job (as analyst in the migration of AMC & VUmc data from an old to a new EHR). So she is occupied with health records not only in her waking but also in her dream state. The essence of the work is augmenting the electronic health record to really be about the person and their health, instead of only being a protocol- and process-driven picture of a patient and their illnesses. 

Onze coöperatieve werkvereniging de Open Coop gaat de derde lente in. Deze week is het kantineterras weer opgebouwd, en legt de crew van City Plot een stoepmoestuin aan. En ondertussen schieten de nieuwe initiatieven als jong gras uit de grond, vergaapte Obama zich aan de printkunsten van DUS en – niet doorvertellen – hebben we binnenkort een studio beschikbaar voor een spraakmakend klein bedrijf. Interesse? Stuur een mail naar hallo@opencoop.nl.

week 124

Last week started with busy day including a general members meeting at the Coop and concluded on Friday with informal presentations where our neighbours FiberPeter Robinett and Topika delivered a quick keynote about their previous and current projects.

Presentation afternoon at @opencoop Drop by If you’re in the area. Also a bit about @FiberFestival later on. pic.twitter.com/ZsBURwLQuO

— Jarl Schulp (@jarlschulp) 

February 21, 2014

In this post we also salute one of our newest members Lauren Verster and like to introduce her with a Dutch write up:

Lauren Verster (33) is programmamaker en presentatrice (Nederland 3) van serieuze (http://avro.nl/rooijakkersenverster) en helemaal niét serieuze (http://www.tros.nl/tros-tips/deduitsers) reportageprogramma’s, woeste avonturenshows (www.avro/atlas) en veel meer.
Voordat ze naar Nederland 3 ging, volgde ze jarenlang (oorlogs-)fotografen naar barre oorden (van Nigeria tot Ijsland) en maakte daar tv van. 
Ook schrijft ze teksten en columns en bracht ze een interviewboek uit waarin ze schrijvers en zangers, acteurs en wetenschappers , vrienden en een ex,! vroeg naar hun zieleroerselen over, en wat wél en niét te doen bij, liefdesverdriet. (http://www.bol.com/nl/p/uit/9200000017455223/). 
Ze is dagvoorzitter en host voor commerciele en niet-commerciele evenementen, en stem voor documentaires, films en reclames. Bij de Open Coop werkt ze aan een documentaire, doet ze braaf haar huiswerk en drinkt de lekkerste koffie van Kees. Ze heeft drie banen, één geliefde en twee katten.


Pieter Hilhorst congratulated Topika with a cheque and a jury gave advise for future business opportunities with open data sources for the final round of the Apps voor Ouders challenge. 

The Skinvision application hit the app store with an updated archive functionality. Topika is looking for testers, let them know if you like to share your opinion about the application.


The artvark has been working on his latest initiative : De KunstLoods. a platform for re-use of exhibition materials.
he’s been setting up a temporary website and Facebook exchange page for the exhibition sector, a short explanatory animation, and hosted a lot of meetings with stakeholders like De Appel, Stedelijk Museum, Museumplaats, SuperUse, BNO, OntwerpWerk, AFK, Stichting Doen etc.
for support, De Appel has already put a touch screen information thing forward, and the Stedelijk Museum has offered their latest exhibition (Marcel Wanders) to the project.
next to this, some important steps were taken in the realization of Harmen Liemburg’s art piece for the Noordzuidlijn station in Noord.

Aldo en Thomas

They are busy researching and setting up our next cooperative experiment for brewing our own softdrinks.


Sujata has been to the Protospace aan het IJ and laser cut the next round of magnetic letters for the Open Coop signage. Jasper squeezed all the necessary letters (and more) onto a super efficient design. 

Sujata is also in the beginning stages of a collaborative art/medicine project with a plastic surgeon from the VUmc, they are presently assessing the feasibility and therapeutic usefulness of a photo series about gender change. 

week 120-123

We have a couple of new people at the Open Coop and will post more about them in our next note, for now everything that has been going on the last four weeks.

The Open Coop was featured in the year report of Rabobank Nederland with an interview of Christian Ernsten and Joost Janmaat.


The Volkskrant published a spread on the ‘Renaissance of Amsterdam-North’, with in-depth reporting on the Open Coop and and interview of Thijs Middeldorp.

Peter Robinett

Last week Peter got started on his work with Beamer and visited former collaborators Graphic Surgery in their studio.

On Thursday he participated in Tony’s OBA Fietssafari at the TonTon Club. He also continued to investigate the internet situation in the Poortgebouw.

DUS architects

The team of studio Drift, Luuk van Laake, Rombout Frieling and DUS is shortlisted for the competition for the lightconcept of the famous ‘KapellBrücke’ and was sightseeing for inspiration.


Partizan Publik

Partizan Publik was invited to design the campaign to get out the vote for the upcoming municipal elections in Amsterdam.

February 24th, at 20:00, Partizan Publik presents STAAKT. 

A theatrical lecture on the February 1941 strike, the biggest civil uprising against the Nazi occupation during the Second World War, that started in Amsterdam. 


A day later, Amsterdam commemorates the February Strike at the statue of the Dokwerker: Jonas Daniel Meijerplein, 16:45.


Read the latest news about StreetDinners which just launched 5 x streetdinners on 4en5mei.Amsterdam !


Alexander co-organised This happened IXD14, an evening about the stories behind interaction design projects. 

  • Marie de Vos - STBY – talked about improving travelers’ experience of train platforms.
  • Christian Eckert & Andreas Wegner - icon incar – talked about designing a next-generation automotive interface.
  • Pieter Jan Pieters – OWOW – talked about The Social Project
  • Luna Maurer – Studio Moniker – talked about the ever-growing animation film Your Line or Mine


Her work was included in the W-CA Contemporary Landscape exhibition, in Worcester City Gallery & Museum, Worcester, UK, with the theme ‘contemporary photographic responses to Landscape. The works in the collection are far more critical and context driven than simply a reflection of either a rural or urban landscape. They are as much about the interior as the exterior, they are environmentally political, they are socially political and they raise notions of identity.’


She has been messing around with the laser cutter at protospace aan het ij to engrave photos on wood. It started as a demo/experiment with some guys (Yp & Daan) that were volunteering there, That has probably prepared her enough for making open coop signage in the near future :)

Last but not least one of her ‘scapes’ is hanging in Pussy Galore! 

see also … http://www.sujata.nl/scapes/ 

week 119

After two seemingly quiet weeks the Coop is starting to fill with visible activity again. As you can read below there was plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes. With this post we are looking back at the last month in order to catch up with everything.

To start with we are glad to announce two new aspiring members that moved in recently. Peter Robinett is a iOS and backend developer and Marina van der Lecq restores antique furniture.

Just before the holiday we also had an amazing Christmas dinner with curated cooperative presents for everybody.


At the same time the Young Economic Board of Amsterdam and Rotterdam had their Christmas drinks in our meeting room.


Right before the end of the year there was also some renovation and restructuring going on.


DUS Architects 

Probably the most amount of work was done a couple of hundred meters away from the office.

The 3D printer was moved to the construction site of the 3D Print Canal House, while the branding and design of the signage and the facilities was finalised. 

Last week Friday the project was officially kicked off with a stakeholder meeting at the construction site. More pictures here.



dmau completed the first phase of the research project "Participatory Documentary [and the city]" which investigates the potential of integrating documentary film working methods with urban research projects. The work was funded by the Dutch Creative Industry Funds and will be developed further in 2014. If this sounds of interest please get in touch with Daryl for more information.

Partizan Publik

The current resident in the Atelier aan de Middendijk - artist Jan van der Ploeg - finished his first work: http://www.atelieraandemiddendijk.nl/. This summer he will present a land mark in a field in close to the Atelier.


Vonk, a weekly insert in De Volkskrant, published a long story on work and new forms of working, in which the Open Coop figured as an example.


Alexander visited the 30C3 between Christmas and New Years Eve in Hamburg which is the annual congress of the Chaos Computer Club. The event focuses on hard and software security and for the first time had curated categories like Hardware & Making, Art & Beauty, Science & Engineering, Security & Safety, Politics, Ethics & Society. To give you an idea the Glenn Greenwald keynote about his work with Edward Snowden was often interrupted by massive applause.

Jacob Applebaum delivered two keynotes, one about his work on TOR and another talk "To Protect And Infect, Part 2" about the recent Spiegel publication of NSA documents.

No Neutral Ground in a Burning World by Quinn Norton and Eleanor Saitta was interesting and to relevant in essence but it was a great pity that the delivery failed and the talk did not grasp the audience. Alper gave a similar lecture for our very own Hackdeoverheid which gets gets the point across more intensely. You can find all the other keynotes here.


This December the artvark has finalized testing for Gabriel Lester’s piece ‘Melancholia in Arcadis’ that’ll be on show in the Sidney Biennial this year, and has organized a diner / network meeting / exhibition for artists and cultural entrepreneurs in Stadsdeel West.


photo test


Photo of Vacant NL’s mobile hair dresser salon ‘Inside the White Whale’ was one of the exhibited projects.

Corline van Es


Photo of the openingsdiner “voor elkaar maand” Amsterdam Zuid.